Our vision is that everyone has the option to live in a creative home that is customized to their lifestyle. We do this by building with materials and using smart designs that offer an innovative and affordable building option.

Focusing our efforts on Seasonal Farm Worker Housing Units and Accessory Dwelling Units, we offer an innovative solution, fully customized to your budget and needs. We design and build or assemble your housing unit, to offer a unique and high-quality housing solution.

Smart Home Designs Niagara utilizes steel structural insulated panels that provide affordable, comfortable, and energy-efficient housing units and cabins.

Smart Home Designs Niagara is a member of the Niagara Home Builders’ Association.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using the Steel Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), exterior and interior walls are anchored together on the foundation.

The roof is also constructed using SIPs.

The SIPs are used as interior walls and so structures do not require wooden beams or studs. However, certain designs may require additional support from wooden or steel beams.